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THIS! Also I wish Rowling would have explored Hermione’s motivations more, because damn, these tags did a better job at explaining her motivations than the actual books. I mean, seriously, we get to know all about Ron, get to learn all his deepest fears and his greatest motivations, get to meet each member of his family, get to see where he lives, get to know him outside the context of being one of Harry’s best friends… but Hermione? Well, we don’t even get to know half of that.

Hermione is one of my favorite characters, but we don’t get to know Hermione like we do Ron. In fact, this can be said of most of the women in the series when you think about it. 

Since everyone’s already talking about Hermione, I’d like to bring this back. I have a lot of feelings about the women in Harry Potter.


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Replace “I” with “We”

Even “illness” becomes “Wellness


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beast mode frs! I’m gonna own one, one day….

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I should be brave with nothing to lose,
Or least that’s how I was before I met you.

A paragraph from my midterm for Anthropology

I see it like this. No one is really awestruck by soil. Someone can walk passed a garden of plain soil and not notice it.  Once beautiful flowers and plants start coming out of this soil, it can amaze people and grab their attention. Now imagine each garden of soil can only produce certain plants that are unique in their own way and these plants can only grow in one given soil. No two gardens full of soil can produce these unique plants; they are only made by one garden and that garden only. This makes each garden unique in its own way because no two are alike as they produce different plants. Now think of the soil as culture and the plants the soil produces as al the traditions, beliefs, languages and many others things a culture is made up of. So now that you are picturing this, think about what were to happen if all the plants started to slowly die in the garden? Sooner or later all the plants will be dead. If all the plants are dead what is there to represent the garden and for the garden to show for everything it once was? It will be forgotten.